The Biggest Plot Holes From The Batman


One of the obvious plot holes involves Bruce Wayne equipping Selina Kyle with a high-tech contact lens to infiltrate the secret mob hangout club, 44 Below. After an argument between the two, Selina tosses the camera lens into a sink, but the lens conveniently makes an appearance again later.

Through Selina’s Eyes

Speaking of mysterious gadgetry, this Batman movie does not have Lucius Fox, but Robert Pattinson’s Batman is stacked with an array of crime-fighting toys anyway. The origin of some of these gadgets is self-explanatory, but others are so high-tech that they need a little explanation.

Origin of Toys

One of the tensest moments comes during the Mayor’s funeral, where D.A. Colson arrives strapped with a bomb and a ringing cellphone. Tense moments require high suspense, but when a supervillain has to dial a phone over 40 times, that’s just not a good use of time.

Phone Keeps Ringing

This is very likely the first time in a Batman movie where the Batsuit looks like something Bruce Wayne could have conceivably made himself. However, there were multiple scenes where Bruce Wayne was in street clothes with just a small backpack, only to be in the Batsuit in the blink of an eye.

Quick Change Artist

“I am vengeance” was the Batman quote everyone remembered from the first teaser, but its use in the actual film is more confusing. Multiple characters bring up the line as a callback, which would work fine if they had actually been present for the scene where he previously said it.

I’m Vengeance