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The Biggest
Mistake Dean
Ever Made On
For a staggering 15 seasons, the Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, brought fans along on their wild “Supernatural” adventures, from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven. The two monster-hunting brothers faced deadly obstacles and dilemmas and made their fair share of blunders — but here’s Dean’s worst mistake.
After Sam dies at the end of Season 2, Dean makes a deal with a crossroads demon: In exchange for Sam’s resurrection, Dean himself must die in one year. A year after his deal, in the Season 3 finale, Dean is killed and dragged into Hell by a hellhound, where he is tortured for 30 years before finally agreeing to torture other souls in return for a reprieve.
However, as a righteous man spilling blood in Hell, Dean unknowingly fulfills the conditions to break the first of 66 seals and release Lucifer from The Cage in which he’s kept prisoner. This would set in motion the events leading to the Apocalypse and result in the death of thousands and the near destruction of the world — not to mention, Dean’s immense guilt!