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"The Big Bang Theory" successfully concluded after twelve seasons, with a bittersweet ending that left fans eager to return to the science and comic-filled world with its spinoff “Young Sheldon.” And the spinoff series definitely did not shy away from using the predecessor’s series finale to intentionally slip some Easter eggs into its own Season 2 finale.
In the episode, young Sheldon is beyond ecstatic about the radio broadcast of the Nobel prize announcements. However, his family doesn't share his excitement and he sadly listens alone. Little does he know, he's not really alone as the camera pans to young versions of "The Big Bang Theory" characters also listening, foreshadowing the satisfying series finale in which Sheldon finally wins the Noble Prize.
The Season 2 finale became fodder for many fan theories including the one that suggests "Young Sheldon" is actually a sequential documentary following Sheldon’s notable Nobel prize win. According to the fan, this might also explain Jim Parson's voiceovers while fulfilling the joke Sheldon made on "The Big Bang Theory" about having numerous biographies written about him in the future.