Penny in front of the broken elevator in The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory: The Real Reason The Elevator Is Broken
The broken elevator in “The Big Bang Theory” was a character in its own right, with its yellow caution tape often serving as a focal point when the cast is in the hallway.
A fan at WonderCon asked why the elevator remained out of order for the entirety of the series except for the finale.
Co-creator Bill Prady explained that it was important for characters to have a place to walk and talk, and a broken elevator forced them to converse up and down the stairs.
These dialogue-heavy scenes were less static and more relatable as viewers could connect to their experiences of conversing with friends while walking through mundane activities.
In the series finale, the fixed elevator also serves as a metaphor that signifies everything has changed for the characters, and this chapter of their lives has ended.