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Would be rodeo star Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) quickly became a fan favorite on “Yellowstone” but after returning from the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas he transformed into a more self-assured and self-determined man. It's a story of immense growth — a rarity for the series — but for a few fans on the series' subreddit, it all happened a bit too fast.
One user wrote, “ I was expecting to see more gritty details of how Jimmy would finally get toughened up, build a stronger character, and become a true cowboy." Many were quick to point out that it isn't what happened at the Sixes that changed Jimmy, but what didn't happen.
Fans wanted more of the Sixes storyline and felt that Jimmy’s massive character growth within such a short time span wasn’t detailed and hard to believe. One user had harsh words for the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, saying, “ I really think it's just Taylor Sheridan getting paid a bunch of money to make 5 bad shows instead of 1 decent one."