The Best Time Tom Selleck Broke Character On Blue Bloods


Frank Reagan’s character in "Blue Bloods" is a pretty intelligent character with a lot of serious storylines. One would think that would make for a fairly somber set, but thankfully that couldn’t be further from the truth, and the proof lies in one of Selleck’s best bloopers.

Even the toughest cops have trouble finding their glasses from time to time, as shown in this “Blue Bloods” blooper from Season 4. Selleck goes to reach for his glasses and misses them completely, and before going back to try again, Selleck spends some time banging around his desk in an exaggerated manner.

It's a hilarious moment that shows even if you've been in the industry for decades, you're never too old to mess around with your co-stars a bit. Selleck has many bloopers on his reel, which range from forgotten lines to purposely fooling around on set, making him seem like a hoot to work with.

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