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Pam Ever Broke
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The Office
A Season 2 blooper takes place during a meeting of the Party Planning Committee as they negotiate cake logistics, Pam (Jenna Fischer) lets out a mighty yawn. Angela (Angela Kinsey) promptly sets her pencil down, and the actress uses the opportunity to glare at Pam and say, "I'm sorry. Are we boring you?"
Fischer may have genuinely been sleepy at this point, as she quickly reacts to the situation by replying, "Not Phyllis." Then, after a beat, Fischer realizes how lame of a comeback that was, she cracks a grin and fails to keep holding Kinsey's gaze which causes everyone in the room to fall apart into chuckles.
If anyone's going to make Fischer break, it's Kinsey. Despite their character's entertaining friction, the two are self-declared best friends both on and off of the set, and it speaks to the greater camaraderie of all the funny, creative minds that were at work to make this beloved show.