The Best Time Michael Scott Ever Broke Character On The Office


“The Office's” impressive catalog of bloopers is just as well known by fans as its over 200 episodes. Over the years, dozens if not hundreds of videos on YouTube have been dedicated to mashups of the series’ best bloopers.

Most of the show's iconic bloopers involve Steve Carell, who has no issue making his co-stars break and crack up in the middle of a scene. There were also plenty of times when even he couldn't make it through a scene, and one of the best Michael Scott bloopers came in one of the series' greatest episodes.

The Season 4 episode “Dinner Party” features a famous scene where Michael Scott shows off his tiny plasma screen TV, and when Carell pushed the TV back a measly inch, it led to uproarious laughter. The laughter from the actors, including Carell, got so out of hand that Carell apologized to the crew.

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