The Best State For Antique Hunting According To American Pickers' Mike Wolfe


“American Pickers” has been on the air for over a decade, and during that time, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have been all over the U.S. to pick. They’ve been to every state with the exception of five (Hawaii, Alaska, Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming), but it’s Pennsylvania that Wolfe says is his favorite.

Pennsylvania is a major manufacturing hub connected to railroads and ports, and there are lots of small towns that have barns filled with old stuff that people haven’t gotten rid of. Because of these factors, Wolfe has found plenty of antique treasures.

Fans know that Wolfe especially loves motorcycles, and he has found a 1909 Indian Twin, a 1950 Panhead Harley, and a 1937 Flathead Harley in Pennsylvania alone. With more of the large state left to explore, fans can expect it to be featured again in future episodes.

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