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The Best And
Worst Things In
Peaky Blinders
THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR all six season of "Peaky Blinders."


Almost every shot of "Peaky Blinders" manages to look like an ad for some high-end luxury product, thanks to its long, sweeping shots and natural lighting. The series also delivers a surprising punk-rock soundtrack that is anachronistic in the best possible way.
Best: Shots & soundtrack
Each season has Tommy and his family facing off against a bigger crime organization and managing to win in the end. It kind of kills the suspense when you have seen Tommy going through the same motions year after year, with the basic guarantee he will come out on top.
Worst: Predictability
From the beginning, the show fleshed out its main characters within the Peaky crime family, while later seasons added more compelling characters like Lizzie, Major Campbell, and Luca Changretta. The show does a good job of making the characters' personal arcs fundamental to the narrative all while preventing the plot from getting lost.
Best: great characters
With each season, "Peaky Blinders" began morphing into the "Tommy Shelby Show," and the other characters were pushed into supporting roles — even causing Joe Cole (who played John) to leave the series. After Helen McCrory’s (who played Polly Gray) real-life death, her character had to be scrapped, which once again brought Tommy to the forefront.
Worst: all about Tommy
While complaints about the show focusing too much on Tommy are valid, Murphy’s talent and raw charisma make his character one of the most compelling protagonists in the history of television. Show creator Steven Knight admits it’s unthinkable that any other actor could’ve played Tommy as well as Murphy.
Best: Cillian Murphy