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Sketch That Will
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Every once in a while, a "Saturday Night Live" sketch comes along that instantly feels like it has the potential to be an all-time classic. Fan response has been extremely positive for one particular sketch from Benedict Cumberbatch's latest hosting stint, which combined comedic value with a catchy and hilarious song.
The sketch entitled "Chuck E. Cheese,'' after the popular children's pizza palace stars Cumberbatch and Bowen Yang as members of Reflection Denied, a two-person British new wave band from 1983. The setup is that they've been called in to substitute for Chuck E. and the Pizza Time Band.
The real brilliance of the sketch comes from the absurdly catchy melody of Reflection Denied's hastily assembled and age-inappropriate ode to the peculiar charms and infinite abyss of Chuck E. Cheese — particularly the salad bar. Cumberbatch fans also enjoyed listening to him flex his musical muscles because all of his notes were on point.