LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 23: Chris Pratt attends the Thor: Love and Thunder World Premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in [Hollywood], California on June 23, 2022. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)
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Season 2, Episode 6 of "Parks and Recreation" saw Andy make a last-ditch effort to win back his ex-girlfriend Ann by presenting himself naked at her front door, but instead is greeted by Leslie. Normally in a scene like this, actors are given skin-colored garments to protect their modesty, but Chris Pratt decided to go full method and be "authentic" in his appearance.
This resulted in scene partner Amy Poehler's real-life shock being caught on camera, which came after several takes where Pratt didn't get the reaction he was expecting from her. During an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show,” Pratt explained that the move was an example of "improv," proudly adding, "by the way, that is the take that they use."
While it may have gotten laughs on set, Pratt revealed that the studio heads didn't see the funny side of the stunt. "They sent me a letter, I framed it," he recalled. "It said, 'First of all, this is not a joke. You're being reprimanded. This is your last warning and you can't go around telling people like this is some kind of joke."