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The Amy Scene
That Went Too
Far On The Big
Bang Theory
On “The Big Bang Theory,” Amy is so eager to please people and earn their trust that sometimes it's hard to remember that she does some less-than-kind things to her new friends. One Amy scene trumps all of her moments regarding actions that go way too far.
During Season 5, Bernadette and Howard are planning their wedding, and when Amy, the maid of honor, learns that the couple is pushing up the wedding date before Howard heads out as part of a NASA mission, Amy reacts poorly. She shows up at the city hall wedding in a tiara and her maid of honor dress, angry that she won't be part of a big wedding.
When Howard and Bernadette are finally married on the apartment complex's roof, Amy again attempts to be the center of attention. Her actions leave a bad taste in the viewer's mouth and leave fans side-eyeing Bernadette for keeping Amy in her wedding party and her group of friends.