The American Horror Story Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign



As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are often trailblazer personalities who find themselves in the spotlight, and Kathy Bates’ bearded lady Ethel Darling in “Freak Show” definitely fits this. Carnival life might have been inevitable for her, but she perseveres and is loyal to her friends and loved ones.


A Taurus will create their own radiance, courtesy of their commanding and sexually magnetic presence, and this is embodied by Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett) in "Freak Show." Tauruses enjoy the material comforts of life and love, evident in Desiree's wardrobe, fancy perfume, and insatiable appetite for sex, hooch, and raising a ruckus.


Gemini is a mind-over-matter zodiac sign that can be so intellect-based it causes an imbalance in the personality. Frances Conroy’s Myrtle Snow, of “Coven,” has a particularly manic vibe that is characteristic of a Gemini who has yet to balance their duality, but she finally does by the end.


Represented by the crab, Cancers are family-oriented and tend to bring their homes along with them, while still craving a traditional home. Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) of “Freak Show” is known as Lobster Boy, due to a genetic condition, but he is also a Cancer due to his sweet nature and desire for a true home.


Represented by the lion, Leos want to be head of the pride, and they thrive when they are in the limelight. Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson), from “Hotel,” is a fashion pioneer with plenty of money, and The Countess is able to control him by using his less positive Leo attributes, like people pleasing and poor character judgment.


The Virgo is represented by the virgin, which is a metaphor for the fact that they prefer a neat and orderly environment, but “1984” made its Virgo character, Brooke Thompson, a literal virgin as well. Brooke isn't your typical Virgo, in that she's not a germophobe or a hypochondriac, but she does seek a picture book wedding.


Libras are natural mediators, with a gift of diplomacy and impartial thinking, which are the exact skills Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare) of “Hotel” needs as de facto concierge. In fact, Liz Taylor is beloved by both the living humans who come into her orbit and the myriad of mostly dastardly ghosts haunting the Cortez halls.


Scorpio is a sign of the most extreme extremes with no middle ground at all, and this clearly fits Constance Langdon, played by Jessica Lange in both “Murder House” and “Apocalypse.” We see over and over in Constance the Scorpio's penchant for lacking shame, guilt, or inhibitions, and we’re equal parts scared and fascinated


Sagittariuses are excellent spiritual leaders who tend to have an honest, friendly, and balanced personality, but they can fall victim to imposter syndrome. This is all true of Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson) of “Coven,” as she finally overcomes her doubts and completes the trials necessary to become the next Supreme witch.


Capricorns are determined and single-minded, but in a very well-thought-out way that comes with an innate sense of responsibility, like Lee Harris (Angela Bassett) in “Roanoke.” Lee's dedication to her job as a cop overlaps with the disappearance of her daughter Emily, and she ultimately sacrifices herself to save her other child — a very Capricorn thing to do.


The Aquarius is marked by self-awareness, which is ironic in the case of “Apocalypse” character Mallory (Billie Lourd), a powerful witch who is under an identity spell. Even though she doesn't remember that she can resurrect people, it doesn't take much for her to break the spell, since her Aquarius energy cannot be contained.


Pisces is the culmination of all signs, making it the most mature, although Pisces absorb so much energy that they need alone time to process everything. Swamp witch Misty Day (Lily Rabe), of “Coven'' and “Apocalypse,” lives alone and communes only with Stevie Nicks' music, but like all Pisces, she has to carefully maintain her socialized balance.

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