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The Adventure
Time Scene
That Had Fans
In Tears
“Adventure Time” is an eccentric, charming series that appeals to plenty of adult viewers for its incredible representation of topics like mental illness and queer identity. Often seen as a goofy kids' show at first glance, the series actually explores complex emotions and has some pretty dark undertones woven throughout a lot of its episodes.
There were plenty of moments from the original series that brought fans to tears, but Finn’s search for Jake in “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” was a particularly emotional scene. Fans took to Reddit to share their opinions about the duo’s reunion, including u/Lo-Dawg0617 who said, “I instantly recognized the clapping signal when I saw it and started sobbing."
Most users who commented were moved by the final episode of the limited series and found there to be “so much nostalgia and adventure in a 50-minute package,” as stated by u/Galokot. Fans agreed that despite the initial heartache, Finn and Jake’s reunion episode was a “beautiful send-off” for the characters.