The Actress Who Plays Rinwell In
Tales Of Arise Is
Gorgeous In
Real Life

The "Tales" series has long been known for its great RPGs, and 2021's "Tales of Arise" was no exception. One of the characters that stood out in the game is Rinwell, the last mages in the game's world who is voiced by an amazing and gorgeous voice actress.

Rinwell is voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos, a talented Filipino American voice actress who's been in over 140 different productions. While she's no stranger to video games, voicing characters in massive franchises like "Persona," "Fire Emblem," and "Pokemon," she's also well-known for her voiceover acting in anime.
Her most notable role was in "Puella Magi Madoka Magica," where she voiced one of the main characters, Madoka Kaname. When she's not acting, Cabanos enjoys watching the massively popular show "Euphoria" on HBO and spending time with her family.