The Actress Who Plays Abby In The Last Of Us: Part 2 Is Gorgeous

To say that "The Last of Us Part 2” was a controversial game would be an understatement. From the death of ex-series protagonist Joel at the beginning, to his adopted daughter Ellie's divisive decision at the story's conclusion, the game made some bold decisions that split fans down the middle.
As the character who killed Joel and sparked Ellie's revenge quest, fans were already poised to dislike Abby. For all of Abby's controversy, however, no one had issues with the performance from talented (and gorgeous) voice actress Laura Bailey.
Few voice actors around are half as successful as Laura Bailey. Across her career, she has garnered over 20 different awards — including multiple BAFTAs — and has been nominated for an additional 42.
Bailey’s first big voice role came when she played Kid Trunks in “DragonBall Z,” a role she landed while she was still studying theater in college. From there, Bailey's career took off as she voiced numerous other notable characters in “Soul Eater, “Shin Chan,” the “Street Fighter” series, and more.