The Actor Replacement In Twilight That Bothers Some Fans

By E.J.

Actor replacements in a series or film franchise are often inevitable, and they are almost always the center of debate among fans. However, one particular change in the “Twilight” franchise did not go over well, with many espousing their preference for the first version of the character.

When the franchise replaced Rachelle LeFevre with Bryce Dallas Howard in the role of the antagonist Victoria in “Eclipse,” it did not sit well with fans at all. Fans argue that LeFevre’s portrayal of the character seemed to capture the “wild and feral” essence Victoria has, while Howard’s portrayal paints the picture of a more polished lady.

Forums flooded with fans expressing their disappointment with Howard’s portrayal, and many argued that the “polished” nature was more pronounced because of the hairdo in her version. However, many agree that she still did her best with what she was given, even though fans prefer the wild and almost animalistic performance by LeFevre.

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