The Actor Replacement In Blue Bloods Season 12 That Is Bothering Fans


Most recast roles are barely noticed if they're done right at the time, while others can change the overall feel and direction of a character's journey. A recent recasting on the long-running CBS police procedural "Blue Bloods" sparked a heated fan discussion.

The character at the center of it is Armin Janko, the father of Edit "Eddie" Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray). Armin was originally portrayed by actor William Sadler, and replaced by Michael Cullen. Reddit users were confused, with one saying that Cullen “doesn’t even resemble Sadler.”

There hasn't been any official word from CBS or any of the actors on the recasting. Although he's exited the show, Sadler does have a number of projects in the works that could be keeping him busy.

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