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The theatrical version of The Witch-King of Angmar doesn’t do justice to one of Mordor’s most fearsome warriors. However, in the extended version of “LOTR,” fans got the satisfaction of seeing Gandalf and the Witch King go toe to toe resulting in Gandalf’s staff shattering and setting up the epic arrival of the Rohirrim.
Best: Gandalf vs Witch King
In the extended edition, a brief respite for Merry and Pippin within a tranquil forest, after being rescued by the Ents, results in a comedic scene that completely falls flat and adds little to the story. This slapstick scene goes on a bit too long, ultimately feeling both out of place and lacking in payoff after Pippin discovers at the end of the film that the effects of the Ent-Draught are temporary.
Worst: Ent Draught
The climatic battle in “The Return Of The King” has a brief overture from the Mouth of Sauron in the extended edition, leading directly into the sweeping skirmish between the forces of good and evil. The brief interaction gives Sauron a physical presence to interact with and makes him more fully realized.
Best: Mouth of Sauron
In the theatrical version, Aragorn's petition to the King of the Dead goes unanswered on-screen, which leaves the audience in suspense until they arrive at Osgiliath. In the extended version, that feeling of suspense is taken away because viewers witnessed the Army of the Dead attack the Corsairs and take their armada.
Worst: Army of The Dead
After being granted safe passage through the elven realm of Lothlorien, the Fellowship is seen throughout the trilogy with weapons and items that were not explained in the original version. But in the extended version, Galadriel is seen presenting them as presents and giving detail of their importance.
Best: Galadriel’s Gifts