The 2002 On-Set Injury Some Fans Worry Is Linked To Bruce Willis' Aphasia


The recent announcement that Bruce Willis’ retirement due to an aphasia diagnosis was a shock for his fans. However, those close to the actor say the writing was on the wall for years and some are pointing to a specific injury from 2002 they believe caused all of Willis' problems.

According to a lawsuit filed by Willis against Revolution Studios, a production company behind the film "Tears of the Sun," the actor was struck on his forehead by a "projectile" following the detonation of pyrotechnics on set. Willis allegedly suffered "extreme mental, physical, and emotional pain" as a result.

People within his camp fear the "Tears of the Sun" injury somehow played a role in his declining health, an assertion the film’s special effect foreman deinies. Willis' family, however, has not yet revealed what they believe caused his aphasia.