Taylor Sheridan Will Keep Ryan Bingham On Yellowstone Under One Condition


Ryan Bingham, the actor behind "Yellowstone's" reluctant ranch hand Walker, had made a name for himself on the country music scene before appearing on the show. Bingham had already produced five studio albums and one live album, which led to plenty of awards, before joining the cast in 2018.

In an interview, the crooner discussed his road to the Dutton ranch, which began with Taylor Sheridan reaching out to him for some songs and ended with him being him written into the show. The part of the Dutton-wary, guitar-sporting ex-con who's just trying to keep himself out of trouble grew into a role that, to date, has seen Bingham star in 23 episodes.

Bingham will have to manage just one thing, as he said Sheridan told him, "'If you do good, I'll keep you in there, and if you suck, we'll just kill you off.'" Fans and haters of the character alike have to admit he's done an incredible job, and as Bingham said, "I'm still in there so far. We'll see how it goes."