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Fans Agree That
This Pivotal
Dean Moment
Blindsided Them
Seasoned “Supernatural” fans are painfully familiar with the self-sacrificial ways of Sam and Dean Winchester, and were prepared for the worst at all times. However, upon the first watch, some moments can be quite a shock and one Season 3 moment, in particular, left fans gobsmacked.
Throughout Season 3, the Winchesters tried to prevent Dean from going to Hell, but they still failed despite their best efforts. Audiences were expecting the brothers to succeed, since Sam and Dean are the focus of “Supernatural,” but were left reeling when Dean was killed.
Fans recently took to Reddit to discuss the surprising moment of seeing Dean actually go to Hell, as one user stated, "That was shocking, but that's what made it so good, most tv shows don't have those kinds of endings.” Jensen Ackles, who played Dean, apparently agrees as he stated in an interview that he, “liked that [the Winchesters] failed” because he “didn’t expect” the show to kill his character.