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Streamers Confirm
Suspicions About
Corpse Husband's
Real Life Behavior
Corpse Husband is easily one of the most popular streamers, and he’s known for his signature deep voice and the fact that he never shows his face. His personality shines through his veil of mystery and his fellow streamers have confirmed he’s the same offline as he is on-stream.
Corpse’s close streamer friends include TinaKitten, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Emma Langevin, and Karl Jacobs. TinaKitten and Sykkuno, in particular, have described him as shy and sweet, “super nice,” and a “really good friend.” Emma confirmed that the two really do fight for fun in real life, leading fans to comment that they have something of a “sibling rivalry.”
According to various stories from Valkyrae, and one particular milkshake debacle as told by Karl, it seems Corpse is just a normal, lovable guy who really cares about his friends. After all, only a true friend would go to eight different restaurants just to find them an Oreo milkshake.