Stray: How To Get
The Can't Cat-Ch
Me Trophy
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Like the life of a stray cat, the life of a trophy hunter looking to unlock every achievement in a game ain't easy, and while the “Can’t Cat-ch Me” trophy is accessible relatively early in “Stray,” it’s a tough one to nab. The challenge occurs during the "Dead City" chapter when the stray cat encounters a group of Zurk — a weird and creepy bacteria somewhat similar to the Flood seen in the "Halo" series.
Here, the goal is to escape without letting them grab on to you for too long, but you can't let any of the Zurk latch on to you in order to get the trophy, not even once. The key to this pursuit is doing quick, evasive movements in a zig-zag motion as you run away from the Zurk, and when you approach a group, get as close as you can before quickly juking around them.
Sometimes, evasive action isn't in turning away from the cluster of Zurk, it's turning into them. For instance, if you are hugging the right side of an alleyway and some Zurk appear at the left, don't be afraid to suddenly change your path to go through them, and make sure they've committed to jumping before you make your move, otherwise, they'll likely latch on.