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Steve Buscemi's
Favorite Adam
Sandler Movie
Makes The
Most Sense
Adam Sandler has a close circle of actor friends that he tends to work with, and one of those friends is versatile character actor Steve Buscemi. The actor has enjoyed a prolific career; however, when it comes to Buscemi's favorite Sandler movie, his answer will probably make a lot of sense to most fans.
Buscemi is a big “Billy Madison” fan, and stated that he picked this film “[...] because that was one of the first films that Adam did on his own, as part of his production company.” While he did explain he loved the other films he and Sandler have done together and it was hard to pick a favorite, he is still enamored with the character he played in "Billy Madison."
Buscemi appears in a small role as Danny McGrath, a former classmate who Billy used to bully when they were young. It's a smaller role, but his turn as a once-bullied kid doing right by his now-remorseful former tormentor has clearly stuck with Buscemi through the years.