Rey in Star Wars holding a blue lightsaber in the snow


Star Wars: These Lightsaber Rules Make No Sense
Canonically, lightsabers are made of plasma, one of the four states of matter whose real-life equivalents include lightning, neon, and fire.
1. They Are Made of Light
In the real world, the core that contains the blade would need to stand up to the extreme heat and the blade itself would pass right through any other blades, meaning no duels.
Lightsabers are shown to be capable of easily severing limbs. The intense heat from the weapon causes wounds to be immediately cauterized.
2. They Sever Limbs
In a 2017 episode of the Nerdist show, host Kyle Hill speculated that because human bodies are 60% water, the intense heat from the plasma would likely make your body implode.
At the start of the “Star Wars” franchise, there were only two colors: blue and red, but green was soon added. Colors like purple, white, and yellow have been added over the years.
3. Most Colors are Rare
There have been in-universe explanations detailing how these extra colors come about, but it still seems strange that the variety of extra colors don’t show up more often.
Canonically, a lightsaber's power is channeled through kyber crystals, rare items in the “Star Wars” universe that possess incredible amounts of energy.
4. They Don’t Lose Charge
Lightsabers have batteries or power cells to help activate the crystals, which means that they can run out of charge after frequent use, but this is almost never shown.
Usually, lightsabers are only used by Force-sensitive characters, but there are examples of characters who aren’t Force-sensitive using lightsabers.
5. Force-sensitive Wielders
Characters such as Finn and Han Solo have been shown using lightsabers. It seems to be canon that anybody can use them, but only force-sensitives can wield them effectively.