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Jonathan Frakes attends the IMAX "Picard" screening


Star Trek Star Jonathan Frakes Offers To Direct The Struggling 4th Film

“Star Trek 4” has faced multiple setbacks, including the loss of attached directors Quentin Tarantino, S.J. Clarkson, Noah Hawley, and Matt Shakman.

In September 2022, Paramount removed “Star Trek 4” from its upcoming release slate, leaving fans concerned about the film’s future.

Jonathan Frakes, who has franchise experience playing William Riker and directing “Star Trek: Picard” episodes, expressed interest in helming the next installment.

He even emailed J.J. Abrams in that regard, stating, “If you need an experienced old white guy, I’m available,” to which Abrams responded, “Well, you certainly are experienced.”

Despite his interest, Frakes doubts his chances of directing “Star Trek 4,” as the exchange didn’t go further — yet, he could be precisely what the project needs to move forward.