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The third season of “Picard” will see several characters from "The Next Generation" appear. Producer Alex Kurtzman has spoken about the villain the fans can expect in the third season and the specific aspect they drew from "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan.”
Kurtzman acknowledged its landmark status in "Star Trek" lore before elaborating on why the team gravitated towards it. "One of the things we love most about 'Wrath of Khan' is the mind games between Kirk and Khan and the one-upmanship. And that has been, I think, a real North Star for us this season in the villain that we created," he said.
He added that the third season would have a single villain, finishing with, "I won't say too much, other than to say that she's amazing." Given the mention of "The Wrath of Khan," as well as the return of many of Picard's Enterprise crewmembers, it's likely that the villain for the third season of "Picard" will be a familiar face as well.