Riker at the helm.


Star Trek: Jonathan Frakes Calls This Controversial Episode An Embarrassment
Jonathan Frakes, who plays Riker in the "Star Trek" franchise, labels the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode "Code of Honor" as racially insensitive.
The episode depicts the Enterprise crew on Ligon II, a planet reminiscent of ancient China, with all the aliens portrayed by Black actors in African tribal attire.
During a 2020 GalaxyCon event, Frakes criticized the episode's racial undertones, expressing embarrassment for his co-star Denise Crosby, who was affected by the episode's content.
Frakes has previously termed the episode a "racist piece of s***," highlighting its departure from the franchise's commitment to equality and diversity.
"Code of Honor" was voted the second-worst "Star Trek" episode ever during the franchise's 50th anniversary in Las Vegas because of its controversial racial stereotypes.
Frakes advocates for the episode's removal from streaming platforms or, at a minimum, an introductory disclaimer to distance the franchise from the episode's themes.