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Spock And Kirk's
Meeting Teased By
Star Trek: Strange
New Worlds'
Despite the many adventures they’ve had together, Kirk and Spock’s “Star Trek” appearances tend to take place at a time when they've already known each other for a good while. However, according to "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds'" co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers, the show's take on the first meeting between these iconic figures could indeed be near.
"Strange New Worlds" takes place some ten years before "Star Trek: The Original Series," so the possibility of Kirk and Spock’s first meeting has always existed. Myers said that it is indeed on the cards, but because everyone involved is well aware of the moment's importance, the people behind the show want to make sure just how they want to approach it.
"We think about it every day," said Myers. "In the moment, when they finally meet, we absolutely make a big moment of it and hope people will enjoy what we come up with." It's good to know that the critically-acclaimed show is using every bit of its signature attention to detail in order to give Kirk and Spock the inaugural meeting that they deserve.