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Chevy Chase is notorious for having feuds with, well, just about everyone, and in the ‘80s he feuded with Robert Downey Jr. and Terry Sweeney. Chevy Chase reportedly mocked Downey Jr.’s dad's career and regularly mocked Sweeney for his sexual orientation, who was the first openly gay “SNL” cast member.
Chase and '80s Cast
Jane Curtain who is one of the original cast members of “SNL” has claimed numerous times that John Belushi tended to take a negative view of women working in comedy. Speaking on a panel with Oprah Winfrey, she said female writers encountered hostility from Belushi who didn’t find women funny.
Curtain and Belushi
Eddie Murphy and David Spade are “SNL” legends but the two had a long feud that stemmed from Spade making fun of Murphy’s mid-'90s career slump. Spade told "Sway in the Morning" that Murphy called to give him a piece of his mind and said, “I’m off limits to you.”
Murphy and Spade
In a 2007 interview with Penthouse, Tracy Morgan said he believed Jimmy Fallon laughed in the middle of sketches to deliberately make himself the center of attention. He said that he would warn Fallon not to laugh and added that "Fallon wouldn't mess with me because I didn't f—ing play that s—."
Morgan and Fallon
"SNL" had an unfortunate reputation for not being welcoming to its female performers. One of these performers was Julia Sweeney, an "SNL" cast member from 1990 to 1994, who ended her contract with the series due to her frustrations with the "boys' club" environment.
Sweeney and the SNL Men