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In the second trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder,” fans see more of Thor’s training montage, which reveals a new element of his exercise regimen: resistance training. It's possible that he instructs his teammates to fly the Benatar away from him as he attempts to pull it back using a giant chain, and if that's true, we can't wait to see that conversation unfold.
Thor Gets In Shape
During the new trailer, we see Thor decked out in a golden suit of armor with black kneepads, a blue overcoat, a red cape, and silver gauntlets. While the costumes are new to MCU fans, comics readers were likely squealing in delight, as he appears to be wearing a very comics-accurate version of his Marvel Comics-universe battle armor.
Comics Accurate Armor
In the latest trailer, Thor sheepishly recites the exact amount of time he has been separated from Jane ("Eight years, seven months, and six days") as they reconnect following her debut as Mighty Thor. And even though Thor tries to act as nonchalant as possible he appears more infatuated with Jane than ever before.
Thor's Been Pining
Thankfully, the new trailer gives us a few glimpses at the film’s main villain, Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale). Gorr reveals himself to be disconcertingly soft-spoken, methodical, and more than a little scary, just like his comic book counterpart who went on a universe-wide crusade to murder all remaining gods.
Gorr the God Butcher
Since Valkyrie is now the king of New Asgard, making her official title King Valkyrie, it's only right that she has a stallion fit for royalty. The steed features prominently on the new poster for "Thor: Love and Thunder" as well, making it likely we'll see a lot of King Valkyrie's trusty ride when the movie arrives in July.
A Valkyrie Steed
At approximately the 1:47 mark, we see Mighty Thor holding Mjölnir high above her head. She summons lighting as she stands among statues that resemble some of the biggest characters in all of Marvel Comics: The Living Tribunal, The Watcher, Death, Eon, and Infinity.
Meaningful Statues