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Small Details You
Missed In The New
Trailer For The
Lord Of The Rings:
The Rings Of Power

Early in the clip, Galadriel can be heard in a voice-over, saying "Stand with me. Ours was no chance meeting. Not fate, nor destiny. Ours was the work of something greater." This could be a veiled reference to Eru Ilúvatar, Tolkien's all-powerful Creator who is responsible for the creation and story of Middle-earth.

Something Greater

Roughly a minute into the clip, we see the Queen Regent of Númenor, Miriel, standing before a crowd; on the other side facing her is a figure who is presumably Pharazôn. The two have a significant impact on the future of their country, and it looks like they will have a rivalry in the show.

Miriel and Pharazôn

In a previous interview, actors Ismael Cruz Córdova and Nazanin Boniadi discussed a scenario where the Men of the Southlands are paying penance for their past service to Morgoth by enduring an Elven occupation. This scene after the one-minute mark, which shows an Elvish figure walking toward a rough hut of stone, may show that occupation in action.

Elves in the Southlands?

Daniel Weyman’s mysterious character (who is known only as “the Stranger”) appears again, this time confronting a group of fearsome creatures. While it’s possible that they are wolves or Wargs, it’s more likely that they are the “misshapen beasts” that Morgoth left behind to plague the world along with demons, dragons and Orcs.

What are those things?

The original character Halbrand shows up again, this time speaking with Galadriel from behind bars. Their conversation strengthens the notion that there is something very significant about his past, but is he a hero trying to overcome his previous mistakes or a villain hiding in a world where evil has been defeated?

Halbrand’s Importance