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Small Details You
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Of The Rings: The
Rings Of Power
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Not far into the trailer, we see what appears to be an eagle. The Eagles of Middle-earth are famous for saving the day and the fact that we've already seen an Eagle this early is interesting. Maybe they'll have a bigger part to play in "Rings of Power" than anyone initially expected.
Is that an Eagle?
In the trailer we see two important places, the first is likely Lindon where Gil-galad is king. We also see Moris which in the era of "The Rings of Power," is called Khazad-dûm, and it's literally referred to as a Dwarven mansion, one that is teeming with life and light, no less.
Lindon and Khazad-dûm
The antler men from the first teaser trailer are back, but questions still linger as to their purpose. Maybe they are a device to introduce us to the secretive world of the nomadic Harfoots. Perhaps they're a connection to the wild, unexplored (even by Tolkien) world of Second-Age Middle-earth men. Only time will tell.
antler men
When Trusted lieutenant, Elrond, is shown looking over his shoulder, we see behind him an appearance of an inlet of water nestled between two peaks. If this is the case, this could very easily be a shot of the Grey Havens and its surrounding geography.
Grey Havens
It seems likely that Prince Durin IV will be prominently featured and his father, Durin III, who is still the King of Khazad-dûm at this point can be seen in the trailer. Durin III is likely to play a pretty crucial role — even if it's largely seen through the eyes of his princely son.
Durin III