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Small Details You
Missed In The
First The Last Of
Us Trailer
By Looper Staff

During their danger-riddled journey, Joel and Ellie come across a pair of wild giraffes who have been roaming free, while it's not clear, there is a moment near the end of the preview that shows Joel and Ellie looking at something out of shot. Chances are this could be the story segment in question that's an essential part of "The Last Of Us" story. 

A Fan Favorite Sight

At the minute mark, we get a brief but pretty intense first look at Nick Offerman as a shotgun-toting recluse, Bill, who appears to have his sights on Joel after falling into a trap. He is also joined by up-and-coming actress Melanie Lynskey who makes a brief appearance in the trailer.

Bill & Melanie Lynskey

One of the trailer's first shots lingers upon Joel as he sits silently, letting the camera linger on his signature wristwatch. The timepiece is a gift from Joel's late daughter, Sarah, and has become a symbol of Joel's guilt over his survival and how his life has stopped, frozen, at that very moment.

Joel’s Watch

Part enraged zombie, part month-old cabbage, Clickers are what happens when someone infected has been a victim of the virus after a long period. Shown near the end of the trailer, these wild and disfigured monsters are absolute nightmare fuel in the original game. 


One of the first clips shown focuses on two individuals painting over a giant red logo. Fans will immediately recognize this as the Firefly logo, which is an important militia group that rose against the military occupation of numerous cities in the United States. 

The Fireflies