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Small Details You
Missed In The
First Secret
Invasion Trailer
a handful of floor-to-ceiling portraits of old white men all tagged as "the faces of freedom" can be spotted with one of the names is reading "Smerkov." The name doesn't correspond to any existing real-world figure or Marvel character, so we can assume that the other three vaguely historic-looking men pictured are also not representative of an existing individual or character.
Faces of Freedom
In another very brief sequence, Fury can be seen looking up at a raven perched in a tree. Whether the Raven is Skrull watching over him or a portent of impending doom, as they are often associated, remains to be seen.
a raven
Sharp eyes will no doubt catch a couple of clues pointing to a few Russian locations. Multiple signs with Russian wording can be seen throughout and there is an explosion in Moscow's Red Square. In the most ominous appearance of Russian text, lettering on the frosted glass of a door translates to "outside" and "prohibited."
Some Russian Settings
Near the very end of the trailer, we see a long motorcade of black government limousines and an armored car with police escorts at the front and rear. We don't know for sure who the VIP is who warrants all this attention — both protective and antagonistic — but in typical Marvel fashion, it appears the government will play a big role when "Secret Invasion" drops in Spring of 2023.
Mystery motorcade