SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 16: Models pose alongside  a replica Iron Throne  at the Australian Premiere of "House Of The Dragon" at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter on August 16, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)
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The opening scene of “House of the Dragon” shows an ailing King Jaehaerys deciding on his successor — Viserys or Rhaenys — but in the book, Rhaenys never came so close. In Martin’s writing, the choice is between Viserys and Rhaenys’ son, Laenor; the show likely made the change to simplify the story and highlight the difficulty of women gaining power.
The Queen Who Never Was
“House of the Dragon” is set during the heyday of King’s Landing, so the Dragonpit is brand-new and houses ten adult dragons. However, the fact that the Dragonpit is in utter ruins in “Game of Thrones” means that it fell into disrepair while the Targaryens still occupied the throne — something we may see play out later in “House of the Dragon.”
The Dragonpit is intact
Before all the blood and gore can begin, “House of the Dragon” outlines the political landscape with one of Corlys Velaryon’s comments hinting at a future bloody conflict. Corlys mentions that the “Triarchy” has been ridding the Narrow Sea of its pirates, a seemingly good deed, but one that sets up ample opportunity for the Triarchy and Westeros to clash in the future.
A war is teased
As iconic as the Iron Throne was in “Game of Thrones,” the throne shown in “House of the Dragon” is more aligned with Martin’s description of a sprawling “monstrosity.” The throne is also depicted as more dangerous, as King Viserys cuts his hand on the armrest — an ominous sign considering the belief that any ruler who sheds blood on the throne is cursed.
The Iron Throne
While Daemon and Rhaenyra seem perfectly poised to become enemies, the two are actually affectionate with each other, as shown when Daemon gives Rhaenyra a Valyrian steel necklace. The necklace is not only rare and expensive but also joins the two together with matching Valyrian artifacts — her necklace and his Valyrian steel sword, “Dark Sister.”
Daemon's Present