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In Grease
During the animated credits of "Grease," white doves help Sandy put on her dressing gown after she gets out of bed, and a deer and rabbit greet Sandy when she crosses the room to her vanity. Referencing "Cinderella" and "Bambi" in her introduction helps set Sandy up as the goody-two-shoes princess she is.
Disney references
Maybe pep rallies were a little different back in the '50s, but everything about this nighttime bonfire pep rally is just a little off. From Coach Calhoun's speech about tearing the other team apart to the rival mascot being burned in effigy, the rally is just a little intense.
Weird Pep Rally
When the Pink Ladies take Sandy to meet the T-Birds after the pep rally to surprise Danny, all Sandy tells him when he asks why she didn't go back to Australia was, "we had a change of plans." We never learn why Sandy's family stayed in Los Angeles because Danny's behavior upsets Sandy and she blows up in frustration rather than sharing why her plans suddenly changed.
Unexplained Plan Change
The Rizzo/Kenickie makeout scene suggests they are both more innocent than they might lead their friends to believe. If Rizzo wants him to call her by her first name, maybe she isn't as tough as she pretends to be, and if Kenickie has been carrying a condom around since seventh grade, maybe he isn't as experienced as he pretends to be.
Feined Toughness
The dialogue and song lyrics are rife with sexually suggestive language, innuendo, and double entendre, even the titular song is about the frustration of teenagers not knowing what to do with their surging hormones. Unsurprisingly most of this goes over younger viewers' heads, leading to big laughs years down the road when you finally watch "Grease" as a teenager or young adult.
All the innuendo