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She-Hulk Fans
Are Frenzied
After Seeing This
On Jen's Phone In
Episode 2
In Episode 1 of "She-Hulk," it's evident that Jennifer Walters has a thing for Steve Rogers, and director Kat Coiro revealed that viewers hadn't seen the last of Captain America references — and they didn’t have to wait long because Episode 2 revealed the silliest easter egg so far.
Jen gets a text message from her mom, reminding her not to be late for family dinner that night. Fans concentrating on the message might have missed what’s going on in the background, but Jen’s iPhone wallpaper is hilarious — her lock screen is of Captain America's butt.
Fans started discussing the wallpaper on Twitter, with @delicatesteven tweeting, "Jen having steve's a** as her [lockscreen] wallpaper is everything to me.”  Another user added, "Jen 's wallpaper hit so hard in she hulk episode 2.”