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While Jerry Seinfeld is the titular star and George Costanza (Jason Alexander) is the main attraction, Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is without a doubt a comedic force on "Seinfeld." Some of Elaine’s best moments occur during her time working at the J. Peterman catalog, and fans can’t stop thinking about how her idea for the urban sombrero got two men fired.
In the end credits of Season 8, Episode 1 ("The Foundation"), Elaine is sitting on the train next to two unemployed businessmen who both lost their jobs because they were wearing the urban sombrero. U/matattack questioned why they were terminated on Reddit, and some users pointed out that it was because they were sleeping on the job.
However, the same user who posted the question made an intriguing response, saying, "It's just weird if he had been taking naps every day, why would taking a nap with the hat on get him caught." In the end, nothing worthwhile came from the urban sombrero on the show, but the hat was a magnet for controversy, especially in its journey to becoming a real-life item.