Second Ms. Marvel Teaser Trailer Is Our Best Look Yet At Kamala Khan


Starring Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, a girl who finds herself gifted with incredible powers, "Ms. Marvel" joins the MCU as one of the most notable additions to the Phase 4 lineup. Now, in a new teaser, we finally get to see the Jersey City hero suit up and show off some of her abilities.

In a new, 30 second teaser for "Ms. Marvel," we get our best look yet at Kamala Khan and her cosmic abilities. In one moment, she fires an energy projectile from her palm to close her bedroom door when her dad comes knocking, and in another, she generates big plates of energy that she uses as a springboard to leap through the air.

While fans of the comics are used to seeing Kamala as a shapeshifter who uses her power to stretch and distort her limbs, it looks like the live-action adaptation might take an approach that brings the character closer in line with her fellow members of the Marvels. However, her signature punches are here to stay, as one quick cut shows her swinging a fist at the camera.