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Scott Haze Says
Tom Hardy Was
His 'Rock' On The
Venom Set
Scott Haze plays Roland Treece in “Venom,” a mercenary who is hired to extract Venom from Eddie Brock, an investigative journalist played by Tom Hardy. In an exclusive interview with Looper, Haze revealed why working with Hardy was such a memorable experience for him.
While "Venom" was Haze's first foray into big-budget blockbuster films, Hardy already had an impressive catalog of high-profile projects under his belt, including "Inception" and "The Dark Knight Rises.” It’s not surprising then that Haze would look to his "Venom" co-star for guidance.
For Haze, the best part about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe “was working with Tom,” whom he described as his “rock during the filming of [Venom].” Haze also explained how he and Hardy got along very well, and said Hardy was his “linchpin to get through that film.”