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Scott Adsit
Shares His
Favorite 30 Rock
Scott Adsit is probably best known as Pete Hornberger from the hit NBC series "30 Rock," which ran for seven seasons before ending in 2013. Adsit sat down for an exclusive interview with Looper to share some of his favorite memories from the beloved sitcom.
When asked if he had a favorite “30 Rock” memory, Adsit recalled a scene from Season 1. "I remember watching Jane Krakowski [as Jenna Maroney] improvising dancing [...] Paul Reubens, playing Prince [Gerhart] and yelling different dance moves at her. [...] Paul was improvising by throwing out dances that exist, and some that don't [...] I always thought that was a great bit of TV."
However, other, more intimate moments with the cast and crew are what made the job so special for Adsit. "It was a very tight-knit crew and cast, and we all felt very close. There were some night shoots where we'd spend the whole night together, and those were the best nights," he recalled.
Then, there are the frivolous details that stand out that can be filed under plain, old-fashioned fun. "There were also these stools that we had that were made with perfect ball bearings, and they glided across the studio floor. It's a seat on wheels. [...] We'd have races and stuff like that. I don't know why that sticks with me, but that's one of my favorite things."