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Sandman's Neil
Gaiman Thanks
George R.R. Martin
For The Worst
Decision Ever
Neil Gaiman's DC dark fantasy "The Sandman" has had such great success that it’s hard to picture someone turning down the opportunity to be a part of that magic. However, that’s precisely what happened, and Gaiman loves to tease George R. R. Martin, author of "Game of Thrones," about it.
Martin rejected “The Sandman” years ago when Gaiman pitched it to Martin as a potential part of his “Wild Cards” series. “Wild Cards” was an anthology book series featuring science fiction and superhero content, edited and supervised by Martin.
Martin admitted that he regrets that choice, saying, “It's not the greatest decision I made in my editing career.” However, if Martin hadn't rejected Gaiman, it's entirely possible that “The Sandman” would have never reached the critical acclaim that it ultimately achieved.