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Ryan Reynolds, Co-Owner of Wrexham Football Club celebrates with players of the team


Ryan Reynolds' Bullet Train Cameo Was Thanks To Brad Pitt's Deadpool 2 Appearance
Ryan Reynolds’ surprising cameo in “Bullet Train” continued director David Leitch’s trend of incorporating big-name stars into his movies for memorable appearances.
Leitch relishes surprising his audiences and strategically leverages his strong relationships with actors to create these unforgettable superstar cameos.
Brad Pitt and Leitch share a long professional history, starting when Leitch was Pitt’s stunt double in “Fight Club.”
Due to this friendship, Leitch knew that Reynolds owed Pitt a favor after Pitt provided an unexpected cameo in the hit film “Deadpool 2.”
Pitt’s brief but impactful “Deadpool 2” cameo as the invisible Vanisher was, according to him, his easiest role to date, as he only appeared for a few seconds before dying.
Reynolds’ “Bullet Train” cameo finally reciprocated Pitt’s favor, who had jokingly agreed to appear in “Deadpool 2” for a cup of coffee delivered by Reynolds himself.