Ryan Murphy's Favorite Season Of American Horror Story May Surprise You


While "American Horror Story" has tackled many topical issues, none were quite as prescient as Season 7, which is why series co-creator Ryan Murphy places this season above all the others from this acclaimed horror anthology show. Subtitled "Cult," the season turned its focus to the ramifications of Donald Trump's presidency.

“Cult” follows the dichotomy between Ally, a woman devastated by the election results, and Kai, who sees it as an opportunity to inspire fear in the masses and cultivate a devoted following. The season was a standout because it didn’t feature any supernatural entities and was instead rooted in the real-life horrors that come with fanaticism.

According to Murphy, "Cult" is his favorite season specifically because of the rather topical subject matter. He adds writing the season felt very personal to him and that it was created from a very passionate, dark place.