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Ryan Gosling’s highest-rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes is “Drive,” which has a 93% score with critics. But the quiet, violent, idiosyncratic fable is also one of his most polarizing works, as it flips the concepts of the knight, the damsel, the dragon — and toxic masculinity — on its head.
Best: Drive
Where "Drive" dazzled critics and divided fans with its unique genre, "The Notebook" failed to impress critics but won over viewers by being as typical of its genre as humanly possible. "The Notebook" is the de facto romance movie, yet Gosling is just another cliche male romance actor.
Worst: The Notebook
Gosling followed up “The Notebook” with an almost unbroken string of indie darlings and stellar performances, and the clear standout among them was "Half Nelson." His performance as a drug-addicted teacher earned him his first nomination for Best Actor at the Academy Awards.
Best: Half Nelson
Every bad movie is a tragedy, but the real tragedies are the ones that came out bad when they showed every sign of being great. "Only God Forgives" — Gosling and Refn's follow-up to "Drive" — had all the makings of a great action movie, but left fans and critics wanting more.
Worst: Only God Forgives
“La La Land” was a critical darling, but Oscars drama and conversations of race and Hollywood landed the movie in controversy. Regardless, "La La Land" still has a lot to offer anyone who watches it, especially the undeniable chemistry between Gosling and co-star Emma Stone.
Best: La La Land