Rumor Report: Is Daredevil Season 4 Already In Development For Disney+?


Fans were practically begging Netflix to bring the popular series “Daredevil” back after it was canceled at the end of its third season. Even though a reboot never came to fruition, new rumors are claiming that a “Daredevil” Season 4 is already in development.

Before we all get overexcited, it's important to note that these rumors haven't been confirmed by Disney or Marvel Studios, but some of the breadcrumbs may be worth following. Firstly, it was recently revealed that Disney is starting up a new production company called Blind Faith Productions LLC, which could easily be a nod to Matt Murdock himself.

The second piece of evidence is that the latest issue of Production Weekly lists a call for a "Daredevil Reboot." If this is all to be believed, one can only hope that the mystery "Daredevil" series should start production later this year.