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See George R.R.
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Diego Comic-Con
George R.R. Martin has a certain set of preferences when it comes to writing and life, so it should come as no surprise that his upcoming appearance at San Diego Comic-Con also comes with a set of rules. The prolific author has taken to his website to ask fans to respect his wishes.
Noting his anxiety, Martin shared on his website, that he will be attending San Diego Comic-Con for the first time in many years to promote HBO's latest venture into the lands of Westeros, "House of the Dragon." He added that if fans want his signature at SDCC, they will need to line up early — he will not sign things while walking around, eating, or using the bathroom.
Martin wrote in part, "I do not want covid [...] I will be doing all I can to prevent that. I will be masked almost all the time. I will not be shaking hands, sorry. Or even bumping fists. You can take my picture when I am signing your book, but stay on your side of the table, please. No selfies. No hugs."
He concluded his statement by stating, “In past years, I was always glad to do all that, to make myself available to my readers, but these are not normal times." If you are aiming to meet Martin at SDCC, you'll need to heed these rules.